Best Home Decor Accessories at Agostino’s Fine Furniture in Naples, FL

Home Decor

When it comes to bringing a room together, the furniture you choose plays a significant role. However, the accessories you select to complement that furniture can truly transform a space, adding layers of texture, color, and personality that make your home uniquely yours.

In Naples, Florida, Agostino’s Fine Furniture stands out as the premier destination for those looking to find the perfect accents—rugs, lamps, and more—to harmonize with their furniture. This blog explores how to accessorize your furniture with these items, creating spaces that are not only stylish but also reflective of your personal taste.

A rug can anchor a room, define spaces within an open-concept floor plan, and add warmth and comfort underfoot. When selecting a rug to complement your furniture, consider the following:

  • Size and Placement: Ensure the rug is the correct size for your area. A common rule is that the front legs of your furniture should be on the rug to tie the space together.

  • Style and Color: Choose a rug that complements the style and palette of your furniture and room. Agostino’s Fine Furniture offers a variety of rugs, from modern geometric patterns to timeless Persian designs, allowing you to find the perfect match for your decor.

  • Texture: Mixing textures can add depth to your room. For example, a soft, plush rug can contrast beautifully with sleek leather furniture, creating an inviting atmosphere.

Lamps: Lighting the Way

Lighting is crucial in any space, not only for its practical purpose but also for the ambiance it creates. Lamps, in particular, offer a unique opportunity to accessorize your furniture while illuminating your space:

  • Table Lamps: Perfect for end tables or nightstands, table lamps provide task lighting and are an excellent way to inject style into a room. At Agostino’s Fine Furniture, you can find lamps in various designs, ensuring you’ll find one that resonates with your furniture’s aesthetic.

  • Floor Lamps: Floor lamps can highlight seating areas or reading nooks, offering both functionality and a design statement. Choose a lamp that echoes the design elements of your furniture, whether it’s through material, color, or style.

  • Accent Lighting: Smaller accent lamps can create focal points on shelves or mantles, adding a soft glow and drawing attention to specific areas of your room.

Decorative Accents: The Finishing Touch

Decorative accents, though small, can significantly impact a room’s look and feel. These items allow you to bring in color, texture, and personal touches that make your space truly your own:

  • Vases and Bowls: These can be statement pieces on their own or serve as vessels for colorful flowers or decorative objects. Agostino’s Fine Furniture in Naples, FL, offers a selection of unique vases and bowls that can complement any furniture style.

  • Books and Boxes: Stacking decorative books or displaying beautiful boxes can add a sophisticated touch to coffee tables and bookshelves, offering both form and function.

  • Artwork and Mirrors: Wall decor can bring life to your walls and reflect the beauty of your furnished space. Mirrors, in particular, can make a room feel larger and more open.

Pillows and Throws: Comfort and Color

Soft furnishings like pillows and throws are the easiest way to add color and comfort to your living space. They provide an excellent opportunity to introduce new textures and patterns without committing to larger, more permanent pieces of furniture:

  • Pillows: A mix of throw pillows can change the look of a sofa or chair instantly. Consider mixing patterns, colors, and textures for a layered, designer look.

  • Throws: A beautiful throw not only offers warmth on a chilly evening but can also serve as a decorative element, draped over the back of a sofa or chair.

Bringing It All Together

Accessorizing your furniture is an art, and with the right pieces, you can create a space that feels cohesive and thoughtfully designed. Whether you’re looking for a statement rug to ground your living room, a lamp to brighten a dark corner, or decorative accents to showcase your style, Agostino’s Fine Furniture in Naples, FL, is your go-to destination. Our carefully curated selection of accessories ensures that you’ll find the perfect pieces to complement your furniture and elevate your home decor.

To explore all of the possibilities for your home’s furnishings, call (239) 594-3037 today or drop by and see our showroom!